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Crivel • bulletin of Columbia XII-1940
Crivel • bulletin of Columbia XII-1940

Fernando Crivelli (also: Crivel, tenore Orsini, tenore Bello, Italo Corsi, Berettini, A. Rossi, E. Torres) – great Italian singer of fascist period. As an owner of a particluar voice, he recorded songs of both lite genres and propagandistic and military ones. Also he was an author of various sketches that he recorded on 78 RPM, including ones of Christian theme. In spite of his great popularity, his life is unknown.

Works on our site:
  1. Dimenticatemi
  2. La canzone dell’Africa
  3. Ritorna il legionario
  4. Ti saluto! (vado in Abissinia!)
  5. Il canto dell’aviatore
  6. Cara mamma
  7. Luna malinconica
  8. La mia canzone al vento

In our shop:

Tenore Crivel (vol. I)