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Welcome to the site dedicated to Italian music of ’20, ’30 and ’40 years of XX century!

The site consists of 3 main sections:

Italian songs — rare digital transfers of gramophone disks and lyrics of the songs.

Shop — shop of rare Italian songs CDs (transfers from 78 RPM's from my collection).

Italian singers — some notes about singers of 1920—40 period.

One of the site’s tasks is to allow to wide audience to became familiar with music that has art or historical significance, but available only to small circles of 78 RPM collectors.

The main subject of site is military and fascist songs, but there are presented such genres as tango, fox-trot, neapolitan songs and others. So the site can be interested for any admirers of retro-music and Italian songs.

I thank all collectors who have contributed to the site.

I am inviting collectors of 78 RPM of fascist period (of any genre) for disk and transfers exchange.

Also I will consider offers to purchase 78 RPM of following performers: Crivel, Enzo Fusco, Aldo Masseglia, Fernando Orlandis, Meme Bianchi, Gino Ruggiero, Renzo Mori, Dino Di Luca, Daniele Serra, Carlo Buti.

For any questions contact me (